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Nom 056 Ssa1 2006 Pdf Free ((INSTALL))

High consumption of products with high content of free sugars, total fat, trans fat and sodium is associated with an increased risk of obesity and noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) [1,2,3]. Mexico is one of the countries in Latin America with higher amounts of junk food sold (58 g per capita per day); junk foods are high in added sugar and saturated fats, and many are high in sodium [4]. In addition, obesity and NCDs have become a public health problem that has dramatically increased over the past few years. In 2021, 74.1% of the adult population in Mexico was living with overweight or obesity, 30.2% with hypertension and 10.6% with diabetes [4].

Nom 056 Ssa1 2006 Pdf Free

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Warning labels are a type of FOPL with text on the front of prepackaged foods and nonalcoholic beverages, informing consumers when a product contains excessive or high amounts of critical nutrients [7]. This FOPL is based on scientific evidence generated by researchers from different countries who are free of conflicts of interest [11,12,13,14].

The main justifications of the BINGOs and industry were that the NOM-051 modification project violated the legal principle of intellectual and industrial property and consumer protection, that it was not supported by scientific evidence and that it violated the human rights of legal certainty and freedom of expression. 350c69d7ab


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