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A Lush Kiss Of Surrender Epub Free Download

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The warriors of Amiocap conducted their two prisoners into thejungle that grew almost to the water's edge. At first there wasno sign of trail and the leading warriors forced their waythrough the lush vegetation, which fortunately was free fromthorns and briers, but presently they came upon a little pathwhich opened into a broad, well beaten trail along which theparty moved in silence.

Almost at the summit and within the reach of safety, Tanar andStellara found their way blocked by a sheer cliff, which, whilenot more than fifteen feet in height, was absolutely unscalable;nor could they find footing upon the steep ravine sides of theright or left, and as they stood there in this cul-de-sac, theirbacks to the wall, a party of twenty or thirty Korsars, toilinglaboriously up the ravine, cut off their retreat; nor was thereany place in which they might hide, but instead were compelled tostand there in full view of the first of the enemy that camewithin sight of them, and thus with freedom already within theirgrasp they fell again into the hands of the Korsars. And Tanarhad been compelled to surrender without resistance because he didnot dare risk Stellara's life by drawing the fire of theenemy.

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