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Touchdown Girls [Final]

In Connecticut, the CIAC tells NBC Connecticut that 56 girls were on rosters in the 2021-22 school year and in 2011-12, that number was just 18. Across the country, the National Federation of State High School Associations released a survey that shows girls participation in football is up 39% since just three years ago.

Touchdown Girls [Final]

Wellington C. Mepham High School football player Sofia LaSpina made Long Island history last Saturday, becoming the first female to score a touchdown. The Pirates went on to win the game against Roslyn 49-21, giving them a 2-0 start for the season.

McKenzie Quinn, the first female Brockton High School football player to score a touchdown in a varsity game, holds an autographed football from the New England Patriots and owner Robert Kraft. (@BrocktonSchools/Twitter)

The autographed football the New England Patriots and owner Robert Kraft sent to Brockton HS football player McKenzie Quinn after scoring the first touchdown in school history as a female. (@BrocktonSchools/Twitter)

More girls are playing high school football than they used to, but it is more common for them to play on special teams. It is harder to find girls playing quarterback like Matz, whose touchdown pass Oct. 7 against Pius XI Catholic High School gained local and national attention.

The Marblehead High School flag football team blasted their rivals from Swampscott, 35-7 on Saturday morning, Nov. 20, at Piper Field, hours before the varsity football team throttled Westfield at Shrewsbury High School, 40-7 in a Division 3 state semifinal game, the last stop before the Super Bowl at Gillette Stadium.

The Marblehead defense forced Swampscott to punt with 4:09 left in the second quarter, and its offense was primed to score again before halftime. Haley did just that from 63 yards away to put her teammates up by two touchdowns, 21-7.

RIVERVIEW, Fla. - Many people only dream of making history, but it's now a reality for Abby DiCenzo. The Bell Creek Academy sophomore became the first female to ever score a touchdown in a Florida high school football game Friday night against Berean Christian.

"She told me early on her goal was to score a touchdown," head coach Willie Murphy added. "When I had the chance to put her in there, she earned it. When I told the team that they were like 'Yes, let's do it. Let's get her that touchdown.'"

Render, a West Point Elementary School student, is believed to be the first girl to ever score a touchdown playing in a contest for the West Point Recreation Department. Render plays for the Raiders, who beat the Seahawks 34-0.

There are no Pop Warner, Vince Lombardi or any other youth football seasons in Falu-Montes' background. And when Falu-Montes was one of two girls who approached Webster Schroeder coach Kali Watkins about joining the team around May, she was a junior who had transferred into the school district.

You could count Watkins and some of the team members among the skeptics back then, but they were among those who jumped the highest off of the turf Tuesday night at Webster Schroeder when Falu-Montes scored a touchdown during a regular season game.

The 17-year old is believed to be the first girl to score a touchdown in the history of Section V varsity football, according to chairman Dick Cerone. Autumn Stevens scored a junior varsity touchdown for Gates Chili in 2007 and played varsity for the Spartans in '08 and '09 but did not reach the end zone.

Falu-Montes is one of the reserve Webster Schroeder running backs. She was sent in with the Warriors headed to a 49-8 win over Wilson, and carried the ball on two of the three plays before her three-yard touchdown run.

"It's been very exciting and fun," Jimmy Falu, Falu-Montes' father, said. "We had no idea that she was the first female ever to score a varsity touchdown in Section V. We were not expecting all of this commotion that is going on."

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Bengals running back Joe Mixon put a proposal on Twitter on Friday to have a coin flip to determine whether or not he pays his fine for his touchdown celebration in this past Sunday's win over the Baltimore Ravens.

The celebration was in deference to NFL owners deciding a coin flip would settle a potential playoff scenario if Baltimore had won the regular-season finale after the previous Monday night's game between the Bengals and Buffalo Bills was declared a no-contest. Bills safety Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest on the field and the game was essentially canceled.

The two remaining finalists will each receive $1,000 in grant funds, payable to their school or district. Every nominated educator will receive a certificate of recognition from the Ravens and M&T Bank.

After a close competition, Gold chose Bain, who had never played football before his senior year. Bain responded with a 30-touchdown season that helped the Bulldogs reach the PIAA Class A championship game.

The Carolina Panthers struck early with an opening drive touchdown over Seattle and this little girl couldn't even believe what happened. Jonathan Stewart ran into the end zone and locked eyes with her, a football in his hands. Her reaction says it all.

St. Matt's coach Jean-Sorphia Guillaume says this was a team goal. "In the last three years we've always had girls on the team", he said. "She works hard. She never complains. She never misses a practice. Our whole team made sure: let's get Mya in the endzone."

The Mound-Westonka/Holy Family girls' swimming team pulled off a pair of upsets last week. The Class 1A White Hawks defeated Class 2A Buffalo 94-92 and then defeated Hutchinson by the same score. It was the first Wright County Conference loss for Hutchinson since it joined the league in 2010.

The purpose of this study was to investigate muscle activation patterns during a landing task in boys and girls through the use of muscle synergies. Electromyographical data from six lower extremity muscles were collected from 11 boys and 16 girls while they performed single-leg drop-landings. Electromyographical data from six leg muscles were rectified, smoothed, and normalized to maximum dynamic muscle activity during landing. Data from 100 ms before to 100 ms after touchdown were submitted to factor analyses to extract muscle synergies along with the associated activation and weighing coefficients. Boys and girls both used three muscle synergies. The activation coefficients of these synergies captured muscle activity during the prelanding, touchdown, and postlanding phases of the single-leg drop-landing. Analysis of the weighing coefficients indicated that within the extracted muscle synergies the girls emphasized activation of the medial hamstring muscle during the prelanding and touchdown synergy whereas boys emphasized activation of the vastus medialis during the postlanding synergy. Although boys and girls use similar muscle synergies during single-leg drop-landings, they differed in which muscles were emphasized within these synergies. The observed differences in aspects related to the muscle synergies during landing may have implications with respect to knee injury risk.

Smith added another touchdown run of 17 yards with 1:12 remaining in the second quarter to give Catholic Memorial a 14-7 advantage; however the Cardinals drove 63 yards with five plays on their ensuing drive to tie the game at 14-14 on a 6-yard pass from Nathan Cotter to Jefferson Mobry with two seconds remaining on the clock.

Columbus scored on its opening drive of the third quarter on a Brunell 8-yard run to the pylon for a 20-14 lead with 8:45 remaining in the third quarter, but the point-after kick was blocked. The Crusaders took a 21-20 late in the quarter when Isaiah Nathaniel found Bennett McCormick wide open down the center of the field for a 49-yard touchdown toss and catch.

Nathaniel completed 9-of-16 passes for 142 yards and a touchdown, and Smith ran 17 times for 95 yards and two scores to lead the Crusaders. McCormick caught a game-high six passes for 85 yards and a touchdown. Tyree Harper was credited with a game-high 10 tackles, and Josh Oechsner chipped in with eight tackles on defense for Catholic Memorial.

The Tigers scored first on a 23-yard pass from Braeden Schueller to Cayden Leonhardt at the 5:58 point of the first quarter for a 6-0 lead after the point-after was missed. Koehler Kilty, who rushed for a game-high 194 yards, scored the first of his three touchdowns on a 3-yard run to give Stratford a 13-0 lead with 3:03 remaining in the first half. 041b061a72

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