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Buy Stockings Online Usa

Being sustainable doesn't just stop with the purchase of a pair of our stockings, it also extends into how you choose, use, wear and wash them. That's why we have compiled some care tips to promote the longevity of your tights.

buy stockings online usa

Compression socks or stockings are socks that are designed to compress or squeeze the legs to improve circulation or prevent swelling. They are often prescribed by a doctor for certain conditions that affect the lower legs. Different types of compression stockings are available based on the needs of the patient.

Anti-embolism stockings also have a graduated fit, which features a tighter fit at the ankles. These socks also require a prescription from a doctor and are usually recommended to prevent an embolism in patients who are immobile or have limited mobility. For example, an elderly person who cannot walk or someone who is paralyzed may need to wear these stockings to improve circulation.

Compression socks fit tightly on the leg while diabetic socks are loose-fitting to avoid cutting off circulation to the lower legs and feet. Compression stockings help increase blood flow from the legs back to the heart while diabetic socks promote blood flow to the legs, which is also important with PAD.

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Emilio Cavallini offers a large variety of stockings, tights, leggings, socks, over-the-knee, hold-ups and jumpsuits. We also offer Men's garments such as socks, boxer brief, trunks, mantyhose tights for men and meggings leggings for men.

Inspired by the exuberant mood of Swinging London and shaped through the Italian craft tradition, Emilio Cavallini's creative world has always been revolving around legwear. His curiosity and interest for new technologies, together with his passion for art and pop culture have made him the undisputed protagonist of haute-couture hosiery. Women's tights still make up the brand's soul - a soul where classic and versatile styles exist in synergy with bold and elaborate designs. Sheer, opaque and fishnet tights, optical-style patterns and colorful motifs, tights embellished by openwork and lace details: Emilio Cavallini's designs redefine the fashion paradigm by making legs the central element of each outfit. Are you looking for elegant lace tights to create a sophisticated outfit? Perhaps you need a pair of polka-dots socks to complete a romantic look, or some fishnet tights that can add a stylish edge to your new ripped jeans? Be inspired by our incredible range of tights, stay-ups, stockings, socks and leggings and reinvent your look by choosing from the great variety of available colors, patterns and textures. Emilio Cavallini goes however well beyond the boundaries of hosiery-design, with a collection of stunning bodysuits: Hybrid garments questioning the very definition of lingerie by wrapping the female body in intricate patterns and intriguing textures and bringing together the comfort of their seamless structure with a unique style. Not just women's fashion though: Over the years, the Italian designer was indeed able to give men their right to fashionable hosiery by creating an iconic line of men's socks and underwear, where classical styles exist alongside the boldest and most daring designs, such as the brand's signature skulls and stars patterns. Giving once again evidence of his pioneering spirit, Emilio Cavallini anticipated all trends by revolutionizing the concept of tights and creating his audacious line of meggings and mantyhose - the male alternative to leggings and tights. The designer's range of tights for men was conceived and designed to fulfill to the needs of the most demanding and fashion-conscious men, who make of each garment they wear a sign of distinction.

Compression Stockings and Compression SocksWe offer a wide range of medical compression stockings, with a therapeutic graduated compression action on your feet and on your legs that allow to treat and prevent a lot of venous and circulatory diseases. For people with muscular and skeletal problems our orthopedic products are a very good solution: ideal after breaks, to cure tendon and muscles tension, or during rehabilitation period after plaster bandages with the immobilization of articulation and after operations. Thermal underwear and elastic bandages are instead used for all those pathologies where is required a local thermal therapy with a warming action: arthritis, lumbago, muscular pains, colitis, the inflammation of back and kidneys. Our complete line of diabetic socks and medical stockings includes seamless diabetic socks and people with sensible feet, that are made only with high quality materials and natural yarns.

Awesome! I found these by mistake! Why are they not advertised more? Much better than Hanes or Leggs, etc. I'm a pro on stockings as I wear them 365 days a year and never go barelegged! I now wear Berkshire and I will never wear any other! Durable, affordable, and beautiful!

The finest hosiery and lingerie, combined with world class customer care make us one of the leading worldwide hosiery retailers who can confidently supply your tights, hold ups and stockings, wherever you are. Established 2011.

Compression stockings are a specialized type of hosiery that help improve blood flow in the legs. By placing pressure on the legs, the stockings prevent blood from pooling in the leg and encourage blood to flow freely to the heart.

There are two types of compression stockings. Uniform stockings apply the same amount of pressure to the entire leg. Graduated stockings have the most pressure (and are tightest) at the ankle; the pressure gradually decreases as the stockings move up the leg.

Not all compression stockings are the same! While you can easily find stockings online or at your local pharmacy, some stockings are available by prescription only. Like many over-the-counter medications and therapies, many stockings sold online or in a store are not equivalent to the stockings that are prescribed by a healthcare provider (HCP).

Length and sizing: Stockings are available in knee-high and thigh-high lengths as well as in leggings or hose. Your HCP may prescribe different stockings depending on your personal situation. Several measurements may be collected to ensure proper fit, including the width of your ankles, length and width of your calves, the width of your thighs, and the overall length of your legs.

Amount of pressure: Stockings have different levels of tightness (compression). The amount of compression in stockings is described using millimeters of mercury (mmHg), which is a standard measure of pressure.

Compression stockings may cause some discomfort at first, but any soreness or aching should subside quickly if the stockings fit correctly. However, you should call your doctor immediately if you experience any numbness, significant pain, or discoloration in your legs or feet.

Venous insufficiency results in permanent damage to the vein, which cannot be reversed by compression therapy. While you may see some relief from symptoms by wearing compression stockings, you will not see any changes to your underlying condition.

Compression stockings are prescription garments that offer gradient pressure to encourage healthy blood flow. The socks fit tighter around the foot and gradually loosen their compression as they move up the leg. The socks are designed to help your lower leg veins push blood back up to your heart, creating better blood flow in these vessels.

By supporting blood flow and decreasing pressure inside your veins, compression stockings can go far in relieving symptoms like pain and swelling. They may also help to prevent varicose veins from worsening over time. For this reason, your physician may prescribe compression stockings as a first course of action. Compression is also essential following procedures such as sclerotherapy and endovenous laser treatments, which eliminate the varicose veins, stimulate blood flow and ensure the best results.

The Customer Care Team has been helping customers with compression stockings for 30 years. Every member of our experienced and certified team of compression fitters has training and education in ready to wear and custom compression garments. Our Customer Care Team is qualified, professional and committed to serving customers like you.

In 2006, we set out to offer our expertise to customers online. We work hard to bring you our experience and knowledge in our Blog. Packed with educational materials, advice and tips, we hope to raise awareness about leg health and promote the benefits of compression stockings. We are also dedicated to providing the best service to our customers and we invite everyone to contact us via email, 041b061a72

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